Shloka Shah

Software Development Engineer at HackerRank
Computer Science Undergraduate | B.Tech at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology | 2021
Winter Intern'21 at HackerRank | GHCI'20 Scholar | SIH'20 Finalist
Mumbai, India
Deep Learning | ML Enthusiast | Web Development | Data Science | AWS


A real Time Revision Assistant For Courses.RHEA is a Voice Controlled Revision Assistance System.Project Made at VIT-Hack



   1. A simple click-based video control

   2. A chatbot to identify entity values

   3. Voice Controlled Operations

   4. Integration of chatbot with Google Assistant.


    Suppose you are viewing a Course video for Machine Learning and you are studying Convolutional NN and the video starts with the Trainer Explaining Matrices. Now, you are way ahead in video and wanna jump back to Matrix Section of the Video, you use the tool on the webpage and give an input by Voice through your Microphone and say: 'Matrix', the tool converts your speech to text, identifies the Section you are trying to say and jumps the video to that section, which in our case is Matrix.


Technology Stack

   1. Angular

   2. Dialogflow

   3. Flask