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B.Tech CSE, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, 2021
Bangalore, India


MeghNA is a cloud analytics engine offering cloud detection and cloud motion prediction on satellite images from INSAT 3D. This project was made as a part of SIH 2020. The problem statement is provided by ISRO.



   1. Cloud detection with Mask RCNN and KNN

   2. Nowcasting: Cloud Motion Prediction with CNN+LSTM

   3. Cloud Classification

   4. Cloud Attributes


Technology Stack

   1. Frontend : Angular for the Webpage of Cloud Analytics Engine

   2. Mobile App : Flutter for the Mobile App Version

   3. Deep Learning: Tensorflow, Keras for Cloud Detection and Motion Prediction

   4. Backend : Django Rest Framework for the Backend API

   5. OpenCV for image processing

   6. Gdal and Rasterio for converting tif images to jpeg

   7. SQLite


Cloud Detection with Mask RCNN

Input image of Cloud


Detected Major Cloud protions


Cloud Motion Prediction with CNN+LSTM

Original Stream of Clouds


Predicted Stream of Clouds