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The web app focuses on providing a secure online storage for the user’s medical records using blockchain.



   1. Transforms image of prescription into text using Optical Character Recognition.

   2. Ensures incorruptibility of stored document by pushing hash of text generated from the prescription uploaded by patient/doctor in blockchain.

   3. Can recognise pneumonia in common X-Rays uploaded by patient/doctor.

   4. A dashboard to access all the medical records.



   1. Users upload prescriptions in image format. The system extracts text out of it using OCR.

   2. Once the prescription is converted to text, the server generates a hash of the document and publishes it on a ethereum blockchain.


   3. When user wants to retrieve a document uploaded earlier, the server will match the hash of the document(the user wants to retrieve) with the hash present in the blockchain.

   4. If the two hashes are same, it means that the document is not tampered with.


   5. If the two hashes are different, the user is alerted about it and is given an option to reupload the document.


Technology Stack

   1. Django framework (for backend)

   2. (to communicate with the blockchain)

   3. Ganache (A local blockchain based on Ethereum)

   4. Solidity (To create Smart Contracts)

   5. Tesseract.js (OCR)

   6. Keras