Shloka Shah

Software Development Engineer at HackerRank
Computer Science Undergraduate | B.Tech at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology | 2021
Winter Intern'21 at HackerRank | GHCI'20 Scholar | SIH'20 Finalist
Mumbai, India
Deep Learning | ML Enthusiast | Web Development | Data Science | AWS


Drone-based logistics is a very hot topic in research and has the potential to change the future of logistics and e-commerce. The project focuses on providing an interface through which a logistics operator can track the drones in motion.



   1. Real Time Tracking Of Drones

   2. Placing an order which needs to be serviced by drones



The applications uses a Micro Service Architecture

   1. User :- Used for registering new users,authentication purposes,login,logout and getting user details.

   2. Order :- Used for creating new orders.

   3. Logistics :- Main Purpose of this service is scheduling of drones according to the location of order and warehouse.

   4. API Gateway :- For the purpose of communication between the frontend(client) and the services(server),we have an API Gateway.Since it's a microservice architecture the three services have independent databases.Websockets are used for real time updates to be shown from the server to the client.


Architecture Diagram


Technology Stack

   1. Frontend : Angular 8

   2. User,Order,Logistics Service and API Gateway : Django Rest Framework

   3. Deployment : Kubernetes

   4. Redis is used for showing real time tracking of drones to the frontend.

   5. Client-Go: To monitor state of the Kubernetes cluster and create API objects if deleted by accident. Ensures consistent state of the application.

Application Demo